we’re number 15!

14 guns per 1000 residents. Lower than I had thought, but we have all those “Blue” metro areas (where most guns are in the hand of Obama’s sons, and likely not counted) and a significant number of other Blue enclaves where the resident would pee themselves if they ever saw a firearm not on the belt of a Policeman…

Where does your state stand?

4 thoughts on “we’re number 15!

  1. Every one of those is "registered guns per 100,000 people"

    Most of those states don't register guns.

    Based on NICS numbers, those are also very low totals.

    Where the heck did CBS make up their numbers from?

  2. Did a little more looking. That isn't rifles and shotguns. They claim those numbers pulled from the NTFR, those are all NFA items!

  3. BC:

    I don't buy what you say. I would bet that there aren't over 92,000 NFA firearms in Indiana.

    The data, supposedly, came from ATF and US Census.

    I would bet the numbers are somewhat low.

  4. From the front page of their clickbait styled article:

    "Here is a look at the 30 states with the most guns per capita, according to the ATF's National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record, and 2013 data from the U.S. Census Bureau"

    The NFRTR is the ATF's (flawed and incomplete) log of NFA transfers and ownership. The ATF claims to have processed 8,291,687 firearms from 2005-2014. Split evenly across all 50 states, that puts 150k per state. I wouldn't be surprised one bit to see 92,000 NFA items in Indiana with the permissive SBR, SBS and suppressor laws in your state (you lucky people!)

    If you compare NICS totals to their numbers, you come out WAY low across the board. over 222,000,000 checks since implementation; would suggest at least 150 million guns got to citizens' hands, knocking a bunch off for used gun sales. This should put at least one state at a better ratio than 195 guns per 1000 people.

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