Food for thought:

When was the last time you went to the range?  Did more there than stand and punch holes in paper at a set distance?

Now, the chances of any of my readers (or me) ever having to face a Jihadi in our normal daily travels is remote.

Same Same ever having to defend ourselves with a firearm…..unless we are stupid and go looking for trouble.

But “remote” is NOT ZERO. 

It would appear that the chances of meeting a Jihadi on American soil are, in fact, slightly increasing. (when I was born in was very close to zero. I would say that since the mid 60’s it has, in fact doubled about every 5 years)..

The chances are still not high…..

But consider this, If and When:


Also: Who is more committed…Him, or you? He is likely better equipped, but that only goes so far…

Image stolen from WRSA

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