Since things have a higher chance of getting sporty….

I ordered a laser grip for my small pocket pistol….Lipstick on a  pig, you say? Maybe…..But yet:

Sadly, some places I go to, I just can’t carry that Para-Ordnance LDA 3″ .45 with great big 3 dot tritium sights and a spare magazine. Just doesn’t work.

And yes, I do believe that if you are gonna carry a gun, if possible it should be in a caliber that starts with “4” and all that (not that I’d feel undergunned with modern 9mm rounds)….But still….

And, of course, if I knew I was gonna need a gun, I’d not go there at all, or if I had no choice, I’d carry a rifle or a decent shotgun.

Most of the time, I’d prefer to open carry a .357 revolver or a full size 1911 in a decent retention holster… (I actually have a most excellent 1911 drop leg holster made by Michael Hast for me a few years ago, but where I live it makes people nervous…so I don’t wear it out much…)

So I carry concealed and as big a gun as my destination and activities allow….Either a short 1911 or a .32 Beretta Tomcat.

Laugh if you want. I haven’t found a decent 9 mm that is significantly smaller and more concealable  than that 3″Para that I can shoot well. There are many 9mm pistols that I like, but not small enough to make the difference in concealability…..Not and have a decent enough trigger or grip (Or be safe enough) that I can shoot ’em well enough to want to use other than except in a last chance situation. Same same with the small .380’s. Not much gun, poor triggers or worse grip ergonomics.  First shot ok,…maybe. Second shot likely low (or, oddly, for the LCP, high and right)… Then there is the whole ‘No safety except on the trigger” trend in modern striker fired handguns…..I’m old school. I like either a really long DA trigger pull or a safety other than the one on the bang switch trigger of a Glock or M&P…

So sometimes I carry a Beretta Tomcat in .32. (wish they made one in .380!) I can hit what I aim at with the thing consistently, it carries well, and the sights are as good as any pocket pistol out there, if not better than most. Not target sights by any means, but significantly better than the sights on my TCP or my LCP or my LC9.

Yes, I know, .32 doesn’t begin with “4” and all that. Having said that, modern ammo has come a long way. And the .32 all steel framed gun is a hell of a lot heavier and more controllable than those fantastic plastic (and very very slim) .380’s or 9mm’s. I can shoot it, and shoot it well. The Gold Dots that I feed it are a hell of a lot more effective than the original ball….

And remember, that .32 ACP in my belt beats your .45 in your car or that .357 in your home in your nightstand…. When I need it. If I ever do.

Having said that, I felt that since ISIS and the other radical Jihadi  Aloha Snackbar types  are increasing their activity worldwide, it might be that I would need all the help I could get with the short sight radius of the Tomcat…..

Do I bought a set of Crimson Trace Lasergrips for that diminutive Beretta…

(Now I gotta get another holster, ’cause the grips don’t git well in the Stoner Holster that I currently have)….But the grips work well, and that laser is fairly bright. Indoors, it’ll help. Outdoors, at reasonable distances, it will be better than the sights that are on the gun.

I figure we are all going to need every advantage with a pistol, especially a conceal;able one, if we are gonna ever have to go up against Johnny Jihad with and AK or an AR……Not likely to happen, but a lot more likely than when I first began carrying a gun 30 years ago…then it was more likely to be an “Urban Yoot” intent on evening the score for all the discrimination his grandaddy endured……