No idea of the carnage

I mean, forget that such action would be precedent setting, and would, really, destroy the US, by destroying the foundation of this country….

READ THIS At the end of the day, it’d be hard to get 10%. And many of those folks who stockpile ammo aren’t looking for a war, but they can bring one if that is what it takes. Yeah, we are all fat and out of shape, but there are a LOT of us. And we (some of us at least) can shoot. Well. Some very well. Rifle or pistol. I ain’t the best, by any stretch…..but I am pretty good. Lots better than me.

And yes, I AM willing to fight for my freedoms..

The cops may be “Trained Professionals” but they aren’t up to this task. And I strongly doubt the National Guard would do much besides refuse to follow those orders.

These fools have dreams, but they have no concept of reality. They judge us from what they see of themselves. They aren’t willing to get their hands dirty(but are willing to pay others to do it)……We are willing to get our hands dirty.

I’d hate to see our country destroyed by people like this.

2 thoughts on “No idea of the carnage

  1. I say might as well dream big snowflake, that shit ain't got a chance so that mash up of mental masturbation is exactly that.
    Stupid fuckers have no concept of reality.

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