Yep, way to make me happy Amazon.

So I’ve been a customer of Amazon’s for …a long time..longer than some of you have likely been out of high school (hell, longer than I was IN high school)….. I dislike their founders politics, but I do like their service enough to overcome that….

Along comes the smartphone. And the Amazon App…. A very handy tool. I can scan any barcode and see what the price is on Amazon compared to the price in the store right there IN THE STORE. (I especially like to check prices on books and music in Amazon while IN BARNES AND NOBLE!)….track purchases and such right there on the magic elf box in my hand….I even use it to BUY stuff once in a while…(OK, I use the amazon app to buy a LOT of shit…)

3 times, however,this year, I have turned the preference to “Leave me alone, Damnit” for the “Hey! let’s send suggestions to B for stuff he might like or has previously bought!” (“Buy it again!”….even though the suggestions are likely one-off purchases like a stethescope). and clogging my notifications bar on my Android phone….and setting an alert which sounds just like my voice mail notification….which wakes me up in the middle of the night on the days that I am on call…  And pisses me off when it is a false alarm….Now, I think that having the default be “on” for these suggestive selling thingies is maybe a good idea for the first time a person downloads the app…..but I am getting a bit peeved when they keep resetting the fucking preference to “ON” when I set the thing to “OFF” for a reason.

If this keeps up, I will decide that I don’t need Amazon on my phone…. Which is going to impact my Amazon buying much more than their suggestive selling is likely to generate…the offset will be at least thousand dollars a year, if not more.

Ya hear me, Jeff Bezos? I already buy enough through you.. leave me the hell alone.

2 thoughts on “Yep, way to make me happy Amazon.

  1. I hear ya. It no longer resides on my phone. I too am a huge user of amazon, just not their phone app. I read a lot, using the amazon fire. When I had the app, it was way too easy to accidentally tap a book in my list, and, it would insistently download the book onto my phone, using my data since I would not be home at the time. Only way I found to delay it, as I could never find a way to abort out of it, was to either shut the phone off, or put it to sleep. Love amazon, just not on my phone.

  2. That is an app I would use, but I may take my time to load it. It'd be fixed in a week if Bezos required his managers to load it and use it.

    The "buy again" feature is on their website, where you can subscribe to consumables like toothpaste. I found it funny that feature was available for QuikClot, something I never considered subscribing to…

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