For all you folks that think you can hide

From the Army, the National Guard, or even from some of your local cops when/if the Revolution comes…

Who thinks that those “Thermal Blankets” marketed by Max Tactical and others to those Militia minded folks who just don’t understand FLIR….

I urge you to buy one of these add ons to your smartphone and learn just what FLIR can do…

You can see what a $250 thermal imager can do (IOS version available here)

….Now think about what the military has available. I worked with it 25 years ago, and it was bad-ass then. You could, under the right conditions, see a person’s BREATH from a couple hundred yards away. And that was 25+ years ago.

You’ll realize that your tactics will have to change…..drastically.

4 thoughts on “For all you folks that think you can hide

  1. One reason I say armed resistance is not in the cards until it is possible for the government to go broke. Once the government has to pay for all those goodies and the batteries that go with them the situation changes drastically.

    It will happen eventually.

  2. How many wars has the U.S won since Sep 02, 1945!

    I say armed resistance will work just fine.


  3. Moe:

    Armed resistance will work….if you are willing to sacrifice yourself or your fellow team members.

    FLIR is a wonderful tool…to detect targets.

    There is a reason the US Army and Marines own the night.

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