Perhaps because there aren’t as many trying…

Viola Davis isn’t a graceful winner

Her statement: “The only thing that separates women of color from everyone else is opportunity,” Davis said in her acceptance speech. “You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there.” is perhaps true…

But then again, Black people are less than 25% of the population…and I strongly doubt that that many bother to ;earn how to act, or even try to be actresses. And of that very low number, how many can actually, you know, act? How many have the talent (developed by training or not) to become Emmy award winning actresses…or can produce an Emmy award wirthy role?

Much like the fact that few black men and women choose to become olympic swimmers….the pool (pardon the pun) of olympic swimmers of any race is small enough….add in the fact the even fewer black people choose to give that level of effort, and you have nearly zero olympic quality swimmers who have more melanin that I do.

Stem fields….Few enough women choose to become engineers. Fewer yet for black (and Hispanic) women. Are they underrepresented in all of these fields of endeavor? Yes. Is it because of a lack of opportunity? Doubtful; Maybe a lack of motivation, or maybe a cultural issue that prevents them from choosing to take that path, but, really, I doubt that it is a lack of opportunity as much as a lack of people trying for those  WHO ACTUALLY HAVE TALENT TO SUCCEED….

Yeah, I know, pointing this out makes me a racist….

2 thoughts on “Perhaps because there aren’t as many trying…

  1. And don't forget the DESIRE to work hard enough to succeed!

  2. When you factor in diminished mental capacity you realize it's not really about trying.


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