True sportsmen foil the efforts of bureaucrats.

So it seems that the South African shooting team and the New Zealand shooting team (coming to shoot at Camp Perry) both had their match competition ammo hijacked stolen confiscated at the point of entry  (they should have hand carried it through Mexico and across the border, then no one in our government would have cared or noticed).

So what happens? Shooters here in the US step up and collect components, presses and build loading benches so that these sportsmen can load their flavor of ammo and compete on an even field with the others.  Kudos to them, and to the companies that donated.


Unlike the assholes in Customs and Border Patrol. And their bosses. And ultimately, Barry.

One thought on “True sportsmen foil the efforts of bureaucrats.

  1. Good for them, and knowing Brownells, I'd expect nothing less…

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