never can have too many

Straps, that is. When hauling crates or equipment on a flatbed trailer, you can NEVER have too many straps in your truck….and (up to a point) there is no way to have too many tieing your load down tightly.

Hauled a three point backhoe from Chicago to my home. 3 ratchet straps over the top holding the crate down tightly to the trailer.

One each fore and aft to keep it from sliding back and forth front to back or side to side.

so that was 4 straps.

After about a mile down the road, two to keep the cover from billowing.

When I was strapping the thing down, the guys at the warehouse/freight yard said I was overdoing it.

Then I went from 70 to 10 in about a hundred feet when there was a wreck in front of the guy in front of me.

Glad I had those extra straps. 2000 lbs (not that much unless it breaks loose) would have made my day when it hit me in the back.

2 thoughts on “never can have too many

  1. A Men. You can NEVER have to many straps on a load. They pull and bounce and stretch.

    You got it….

  2. Smart (and still alive) man… I've seen the results of the 'other guy'. It wasn't pretty when the load came through the cab.

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