Officially jumped the shark

TV Land has pulled “Dukes of Hazzard” reruns.

Because “confederate Flag”.

Flag bad

This is completely insane now. I can (maybe) understand Amazon and Ebay and WalMar’ts actions….but this is now groupthink gone way too far. Despite attempts, you can’t rewrite all history.

I guess this action somehow fixes all the issues? Makes the world a better place?

2 thoughts on “Officially jumped the shark

  1. When rug-munchers and butt bandits can marry, only then will the world be a better place.


  2. There are no Republicans and no Republican leaders. There are progressive liberals who call themselves Republicans while they vote for every leftist unconstitutional piece of shit that slides into the congressional cess pool. All the while they keep Obamas knob polished and his ass licked squeaky clean telling us what we want to hear them say. The GOP is long dead, and everyone in it is a fake.

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