Aaaannndd… you knew it was coming

“It’s about marriage equality,” Nathan Collier told reporters in Montana on Wednesday, using the term supporters of same-sex marriage prefer to advocate for their cause. “You can’t have this without polygamy.”

Look: I don’t care if you have a relationship with your lawnmower (as long as the lawnmower can consent and is of legal age….), but really, we all knew that this was coming as soon as the Gay Marriage case was adjudicated. I personally think the State should only record the contract between consenting partie(s) for legal purposes (next of kin, consent/healthcare decisions, inheritance, etc) and leave “marriage” to other organizations to solemnize. 

It does, however,  appear to be an attack on “Marriage” in our culture. 

2 thoughts on “Aaaannndd… you knew it was coming

  1. They will have to rewrite tax laws as well. Marry your adult kids, and there is no inheritance tax.

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