This is exactly how the State should be involved

When it comes to marriage.

Simply a contract rand recording the fact that two (or more?) people are married …

Like this.

Nothing else.

Whoda thunk that ALABAMA of all places would be so “progressive” ?

I mean…Alabama…..Bible belt and all that. But really, the bill is pretty close to what I think should be the State’s entire involvement….just a recording of the fact that the parties are engaged in a marriage- like relationship. No other involvement. inheritance and next of kin and all that Just the legalities as to

2 thoughts on “This is exactly how the State should be involved

  1. I think that's the way that it's headed.

    The current marriage controversy has its roots in insurance coverage. The insurance industry is greedy and wants to control who (and in what age/risk group) can be on your policy. Hypothetical: If I'm an elderly lady with insurance coverage that would normally cover a spouse, but my spouse is dead and my sister who is uninsured moves in to care for me, she isn't eligible to receive insurance (as a spouse would be) on my policy. If I marry my sister, we're covered. And that's what it's all boiling down to.

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