So the mom of the 2 young ladies I taught this weekend

Called and offered to pay for the ammo we used over the weekend….

I declined to accept any money….for ammo or my time.

She said “the girls want to go again”.

I said she could buy the ammo for that trip.

She pointed out that she could afford to pay, and that I had spent a fair amount on ammo. And that I could teach others with the ammo I could buy to replace the stuff we had used for her girls…

I said that I didn’t care.

She asked why I do it.

“Well”, I said, “I began to teach classes without any charge primarily to pay back those who taught me, many of whom have passed on, and I teach to honor the time, effort and money they spent for me…..paying back, and continuing the legacy.”

“Now, I do it for that reason, and because I love teaching and seeing that “smile” that every new shooter gets on their face, no matter what age”

“Besides, if I can help keep even one person from harming another accidentally, then it is all worth it”

And really, that is it. I also don’t think that anyone who has actually been taught in a class how to handle a firearm and to shoot them ever becomes an Anti-Gun” type….

Why do you folks do it?

4 thoughts on “So the mom of the 2 young ladies I taught this weekend

  1. One big reason I want my daughter to learn about firearms in general was so she won't be at the mercy of some bozo who thinks he knows all about guns. Several times a year I read about someone being shot by an unloaded weapon, and I want her to be able to tell for herself if a situation is safe or not.

    – Charlie Mitchell

  2. I teach today because once, someone taught me. Had they not, I'd likely have given it up quickly. Now people that I taught teach others and the circle is complete with more gun-folk and fewer people buying into anti-gunner lies as the result.

  3. I do it because a restraining order is just a piece of paper. I live with all women and I'm not always going to be around fight for them.

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