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Does anyone know of a manufacturer of 10-22 rifle stocks with adjust able Length of Pull and adjustable height cheekpiece?

Bell and Carlson make one, but the workmanship was….terrible. Their tolerances could be measured with a yardstick, and accuracy and tightness is….lacking. Checkering was…cosmetic, and seams would require a file to cut down….Sad, that. I liked the idea of the stock, but the workmanship was terrible.

I’m building a custom 10-22  range gun with mostly aftermarket parts, and plan on having to fit things  a bit here and there…but I’d prefer not to have to inlay/cut the stock to fit the action…which I’d have to do with the Bell and Carlson. (they are that bad, sadly)


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  1. ATI Strikeforce Six, Fajen Legacy Series fully adjustable if you can find it (discontinued), Pro Mag 10/22 Deluxe Archangel, or if you've absolutely got money to throw away the McMillan STC Intimidator stock. There's not a lot out there in fully adjustable. I've been on the same hunt brother.

  2. Depends on the stock, I just want a stock that fits ME. Especially the cheekpiece.

    Long arms mean a longer length of pull, but I can add spacers to the buttstock to gain 2" in LOP.

    Having the cheekpiect work for me is the biggest thing. 3" rise would be ideal.

  3. Look at this and tell me what you think. The cheek can be adjusted quite high, and I think you can even get a higher one. And the butt can also be adjusted up or down nearly an inch in each direction. If you want to give it a try I can find out cost. A little spendy but not horrible. http://neanderpundit.com/?p=6270

  4. Og:

    Had looked there, but the website doesn't load properly..

    No idea of pricing or dimensions.

    Please, get me more info.

  5. I won't be able to find out until next week, but it's not there because not commercially available yet
    I think it likes a heavy barrel.

  6. Tracey: Nice stocks, but not what I was looking for.

    I can buy those kind at Indy 1500.

    THank you anyway

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