Not so sure that it is really all that bad…

But this is good advice.

I’ll be making the appropriate noises to the appropriate congresscritters.

Might I suggest that you do the same?

While I feel that it would be  a struggle to implement, and a great court battle as far as free speech and all that, ’tis better not to have to fight that fight, so let’s try not to.

Please, do your part.

(There was once a time when I believe that people who always thought the worst possible interpretation of new laws would happen were tinfoil hat wearing fools…….Now I have my own aluminum beanie.)

ETA: The NRA seems to think this is a really bad thing coming. 

3 thoughts on “Not so sure that it is really all that bad…

  1. It’s all BS. I think “going dark”, that is, no one responding would create more fear and doubt in the heart of the beast than anything. Simply voicing opposition has not worked and will not work as these communists do not give a sh*t what the people think. They make laws but don’t give a hoot about them … why should we?

  2. Remember Elijah Lovejoy. The Forces Against Freedom are always hard at work.

  3. The first step in controlling us is controlling our speech. Forcing us to get a license and pre-clearance before publishing data on weapons, including how to clean and maintain a gun or reload ammunition, can put a stranglehold on not just us amateurs, but also cut off the professional websites and publications.

    Yes, it's an irritant and we'll fight them in the courts if it goes through, but that will be a drain on resources and energy, and to be honest, I'm sick and tired of saying "It could be worse," then it getting worse.

    This is, to me, an example of "Not one step back."

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