AAA on the Southern border?

Seems that someone on the southern border is not liking the interference the CBP and their helicopters are causing in the smuggling of people and/or drugs into the US…

So they shot the helicopter down.

Luckily, no one was injured, and the copter landed safely.

But still.

I wonder what Barry and his sycophants will do? Perhaps bow the the President of Mexico?

I think we should arm the CBP helicopters so they can shoot back…

3 thoughts on “AAA on the Southern border?

  1. It's against the law to arm law-enforcement helicopters. The people inside them can be armed, but the aircraft themselves cannot.
    Also, this helicopter was fired on from inside Mexico. Returning fire into a foreign country is an act of war. (Of course, the incoming fire constitutes an act of war too, but it happens all the time on the southern border, and which country is liable to run to the UN or the New York Times, claim to be the victim, and scream for justice?)

  2. can't have the CBP shooting at potential Democratic voters


  3. I know where some AH-64s are that would be 'happy' to do some troller ops… 🙂

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