I was raised…..

to believe in the rule of law.

I didn’t always follow the law, but that is a story for another day.

I did, until today, believe in our laws, as adjudicated (more or less….Less rather than more recently) by the courts.

Yet, today, I am seeing that even our Supreme Court of the United States is, a least in part, a tool of our political leaders.

How else can they change the meanings of words written into law? How else could they have adjudicated the King Vs Burwell case the way they did?

If they can change the meaning of “State”, they can also change the meaning of “Arms” Or “Keep and Bear” or “the People”. They can decide to re-define “Citizen” and/or “rights”… They can, in other words, change the Constitution, should they desire. This is wrong.

One is as valid as any other.

If the law is written wrongly, then, legislatively, fix it. Not via the Courts. The only thing the Courts should be able to do is decide a law is legal, or not. Valid, or not valid.

Today, again, we have no laws…only the meanings as changed and interpreted today by the SCOTUS to meet the changing political needs.

I think that the country cannot any longer be fixed via the Ballot Box.

Bobbie disagrees.