Having said what I did below

I am glad to see the Supremes FINALLY make a decision on gay marriage.

Sadly, while I DO think it is the right decision, the legitimacy of SCOTUS is tarnished with the decision referenced below.

3 thoughts on “Having said what I did below

  1. As to their gay marriage decision, what constitutional basis did they cite to justify their decision? As Justices Roberts and Scalia pointed out, the Constution doesn't speak to the issue at all. So why exactly was the decision by the activist wing "correct" when, according to even some sitting on the Court, they had no standing to even decide the issue?

    THAT sort of lawmaking from the bench should concern you and everyone else who was paying attention, regardless of the decision reached.

  2. There is no constitutional guidance either way…for or against.

    When I said I thought it was the right decision, that was my opinion.

    There is, of course, the states rights issue, but at least the SCOTUS has made the decision so that someone now has standing to challenge it.

    Unlike the King VS Burwell, where they just basically changed a law to suit the Prezident, regardless of what was, you know, actually passed into law as written.

  3. The only issue seems to be that as written, gays can successfully attack anyone who objects on grounds of faith, and win. That's my only problem with it. It is designed to generate worse intolerance than it ever "Corrected".

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