hmmmm. How to answer?

Sometime a question needs a preface.

So….. one of the ladies on my staff has moved from semi-Urban to mostly rural area…

She has issues with large furry rodents in her stream in her backyard and needs help identifying them.

This morning: Her: “do you know what a beaver looks like?”.

Me: Poleaxed look. Not sure how to answer. (“Danger!, Will Robinson,  Danger!!”)

She: Realizes what she might have implied. “No, that’s not what I meant”.

Me: “Well, yes, I’ve seen a beaver or two in my time”.

(Not saying: “some are tasty too”….or “some are hairy and some are bald…”. ) But I wanted to SO badly…

Nope I didn’t go there, I just found something else to do elsewhere…

2 thoughts on “hmmmm. How to answer?

  1. Good think she didn't ask about

    Snappin. . . . . . . turtles. 🙂

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