Got alternate comms?

Yes, this is somewhat “tinfoil hat”  and all that…

But, apparently, there IS a plan for the Feds (and, apparently, the State and Local governments too) to stop cell phone service in the event of a “Critical Emergency” or other “good reason”.

Now, I’m not sure who they could justify shutting the cell service off….it’d be the Kiss of Death for any politician who ordered it,  (and it’d throw the entire country into chaos) but the law is still on the books…

Have ya got at least short range comms? Something so you can communicate with some people?  What if the “critical Emergency” is that you, or others are resisting the government? Say, like they did in Athens TN. (look it up…maybe” McCain county war”), Yeah it was a long time ago, but there is nothing to keep a new set of lowlifes from doing the same thing as in 1946.

How will you communicate if the Feds or the State shut down the cell network? What if those folks in China should do it?

Can you keep your plan in place without cells? I can. I have the tools to do so. Not as well as with cells phones, but I will still be able to communicate.

Will you?