Socialist spending:

Seems that Germany can’t meet it’s NATO commitments, should it become necessary:

The bulk of Germany’s air force is currently grounded. Only 42 of 109 Eurofighters are currently ready for service, while 38 of 89 Tornado fighters could take to the skies. Earlier in the week, problems with Sea Lynx helicopters currently serving in the EU’s anti-piracy mission off the Horn of Africa became public knowledge, months after the issue was first identified. As for Germany’s fleet of C-160 transport planes, just over half – 24 of 43 – are in service;

This is what happens when the State chooses to spend all of it’s money on social programs and none on defense. (Sorta like what is happening here is the US (warning: DNC PROPAGANDA ), only the Germans started a few years earlier).  Some call it the “Peace Dividend” except that that works only as long as there is peace…

The lessons of the (pre) Korean War fiasco, wherein military budget cuts had grown so huge that the Navy and Army were unable to do the job when Truman called on them to blockade North Korea and turn the tide of the invading NK army……UNABLE to do the job because of massive budget cuts years before.

Germany is seeing this today. as will other countries who have chosen to let their Military wither on the vine while spending that money on Social programs.  In about 3 more years, we in the US may find that our Military is reduced to a “Paper Tiger” force, unable to do the job we will call upon them to do because there is no money for training and equipment.