Is the only option, then

A revolution?

Fighting in the streets and drumhead courts-martial and such? Ropes and lampposts? Killing our country to save it? Or is it already dead?

‘Cause we no longer have a Republic. We are no longer a Democratic Republic. Your vote no longer counts. The rule of law is no longer what governs us, and is no longer what limits and controls those in power.

Benjamin Franklin was correct. “A Republic, if you can keep it”. We haven’t kept it…….our fathers and their fathers (and, perhaps, their fathers) allowed the rot to begin….. and the following generations allowed it to continue. I am not so sure that my generation and those that follow me can even stop it, much less reverse it.

Perhaps we need to chop it down and let a new tree grow from the stump.

3 thoughts on “Is the only option, then

  1. The end of the Republic began with Abraham Lincoln. Once the people born into the republic were no longer permitted to leave and were kept there by force, the Republic was in terminal condition.

    Lincoln didn't end slavery, he transformed it.

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