Cool!!! Broadcast power….

Of course, the distance is only a millimeter or so but still…Shades of Nikola Tesla .

Got the new Qi compatible charger and adapter for my cell phone a few days ago.


No plugging and unplugging. My phone has a small cover over the USB/charging port that makes it “waterproof”….(for some standard of waterproof I suppose?).  But it is a pain in the ass to open and close when I want to charge my phone. 

I bought a wireless charging pad like these, and an insert for my phone like one of these or these

No more cables. So far, I like it.Toss your phone on the charging mat and walk away. Pick it up when it is done.

If ya got a cell phone and they make an adapter for it, (even I-Phones!!) spend the 30 bucks or so and make it truly wireless….

I guarantee my next new cell phone will have this built in.

Don Channing and the boys at Venus Equilateral would be impressed….