ATF, going after you AGAIN

ATF says you don’t need ammo for Non “Sporting Purposes”. And they define ‘Sporting”

Seems that they feel that M855 is now (suddenly) “Armor Piercing” and therefore we serfs must not be allowed to purchase it anymore. Because gun or something.

Is there a decent alternative for this bullet? I can reload cases to make any type of load I care to, but the 62 grain bullet works well for me. I assume that it will soon be unavailable for purchase.

I’m gonna search the couch cushions and see if I can’t come up with a way to purchase some M855 just for fun.

Sporting Purposes, you know.

ETA: Tam has some good advice should you care to comment. 

One thought on “ATF, going after you AGAIN

  1. Just grabbed two more cans of Federal XM855 today. Freaking Obamaite ass-monkeys…always trying to "fix" something that isn't even broken.

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