Take a minute Tuesday

There is a decent chance that Boehner can be unseated as Speaker of the House.  (personally I’d like to see him horsewhipped, but that is not in the cards, so this is a decent second choice…) But many Republican House members are on the fence.

Help push them off the fence. Call, Fax, Email, whatever. Let ’em know that when they vote on Tuesday, that they should NOT VOTE for John Boehner as Speaker.

If you don’t know who your congressman/woman is (shame on you, I have mine on speed dial on my cell phone) then THIS LINK will help you find them so you can contact them and help push John Boehner into obscurity and (hopefully soon) retirement.

Help stop Barry’s agenda to “Fundamentally Change America”….He can’t do it if our legislative branches won’t let him. And lately, Boehner has been Barry’s bitch.