Rules for thee, but not for me…..

So the faculty at Harvard, who strongly supported Obamacare, now face changes in their Health Care Insurance which impacts them…negatively.

Now, make no mistake, their health care plans are, by any measure much more generous than nearly anyone else’s….In fact, they are what many would call a “Cadillac” plan.

But still, declining benefits and increasing costs to the faculty are happening…and they don’t like it. At. All. It is “causing distress” and “generating anxiety”. Welcome to the world most of the rest of us live in, you Ivory Tower Intellectuals.

Can you say “Schadenfrude“?

Kinda reminds me of a family member who worked for Johns Hopkins and wasn’t too happy that she had to wait in their clinic like the other common people when she needed care….IIRC she paid extra so she didn’t have to mingle with the unwashed…