Odd, innit

How shortly after the “warmest year on record” (or not) that the Left East Coast is getting a HUGE HELPING of Glowball Warming…..

Now, this is, indeed, a fair amount of snow. But it isn’t unprecedented. Much like “Superstorm Sandy” it has happened before and it will happen again.

If this much snow happens in “Flyover Country” then it barely makes the news….

It is only a big deal because half the folks who bring you your daily dose of propaganda news live in the area and they will be affected……

3 thoughts on “Odd, innit

  1. Yeah, it's ONLY news when it hits the NE corridor… sigh

  2. "Glowball Warming"

    Dang, I like it. Think I'll use it in all climate change conversations with LeftTards.


  3. Seems like only 5 years ago that I had to climb up on the roof with a snowshovel to clear off the 30 inches of snow that was breaking the roof.

    Now I have a roof rake I may have to use soon. Figured if I got one I'd never need to use it. Just goes to show.

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