I’m no expert at it, mind you..

But if yer gonna transport a MILLION dollars worth of weed or drugs (divide by three, really, to get the actual street price, but still…) then I would suggest using these rulez:

1. Use a vehicle large enough to allow reasonable hiding of the material. If need be, make several trips.

B. Follow ALL traffic laws. Use your turn signals. Full stop at stop signs. Make sure all your lights and signals work.

III. Don’t speed. (or at least cruise with traffic). Don’t stand out. Don’t wear wild clothes or hairstyles. Be average.

Seems that very time one of these rules is violated, the Chicago cops find big weight.

One thought on “I’m no expert at it, mind you..

  1. At least 3 felony convictions, including escaping punishment for killing his own mother by reason of temporary insanity, and still caught dealing drugs.

    But guns are the problem, he is turning his life around, the cops are just profiling, etc

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