So Barry is gonna provide funding

Using, of course, borrowed taxpayer dollars, for up to 50,000 police cameras.

I think police cameras area a good idea, but I expect that they will be abused…bad police will fail to turn them on, or they will be “accidentally” damaged, or the images will somehow get deleted when it is deemed expedient for it to happen…..

And lets face it, the folks in Ferguson would still have rioted. Ii was time. Look at history. Every so often….

But, sadly, the first thing I thought when I heard the news about the Feds funding the cameras was “I wonder which of Barry’s friends will get the contract to supply the cameras and the service contract afterwards?”

Sad that that is what we have come to.

If you do the math, that is $1500 per camera, which seems high, considering that a Go-Pro basic camera goes for less than $130.

Of course, this may not be comparing apples to apples, but still, more than 10X the price?

2 thoughts on “So Barry is gonna provide funding

  1. Your basic go-pro battery and storage will get you less than 1 hour of an 8 – 10 hour shift without swapping batteries and SD cards and will chop videos up into random short chunks in spite of running continuously that whole hour.

    There are some other options out there running cheaper, but battery life still falls short.

    $1500 is still pretty steep though.

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