In order to save time (like 2 hours disassembling some machinery, the the same reassembling) I used an old fashioned method of fixing something….Which included turning a piece of tooling with a 24″ pipe wrench about 2 foot over my head. (with the help of a piece of pipe for additional leverage)

The result? I did indeed save 3+ hours.  I impressed myself and my helper with the amount of force I could exert..

And I appear to have damaged the deltoid and top of the bicep in my right arm.

That was 2 weeks ago. 

Now when I was 18, and had an injury like that? It’d heal in a day or three, 5 tops. Not too sore after a day or two.

Not so much today……now that I am on the downhill side of the half century mark. It has been getting more and more painful. Not healing at all.
Tiger Balm and massage, and if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to hold a 1911 up at shoulder level for 60 seconds in a day or two…. ‘Cause right now, I have to shoot as soon as the sights are on target, ’cause I can’t hold the gun up long.

Aging sucks.

3 thoughts on “So:

  1. Start shooting left handed until your right arm gets well.

  2. I have been. But that is also a struggle, as my coordination via my left had is…..lacking. I can hit a B-29 target at 7 yards, but barely. Not like the sub 2" groups I can pull off with my right arm when it is healthy.

    If I had to eat with my left hand, I'd likely either stab my eyes out or starve…..

  3. Three and a half weeks ago I jerked the boat around to get it on the trailer straight, and screwed up a lower thorassic vert and pulled a rib.
    It's just now getting to where I can sleep at night. 58 in a month, and still acting like I was 30. Ouch!

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