Fanning the flames

Seems that *Someone* wants to stir people up.

Perhaps make another day of rage.

‘Cause we all know that, without any facts at all, we can judge the actions of others based solely on race, right?

Now, I don’t know what happened that day in Ferguson, Mo…neither do you, nor do any of the folks who want Officer Wilson lynched (and yes, they want a lynching). Reports are that there are (more that) several witnesses who dispute the stories being bandied about by the race baiters and the rabble rousers. And all of THOSE witnesses are black.

I haven’t heard their testimony, so I really don’t know, but reports are that they more or less corroborate the testimony of Officer Wilson.

I refuse to make any judgement. I do know that young Mr. Brown appears to not have been a very nice person, that evidence disputes the “Gentle Giant” meme, and that Officer Wilson appeared to be a good officer.

But again: I. Don’t. Know. And I am not willing to judge either one based on facts not in evidence. I *DO know that there is a disparate news coverage based on race. I *DO* believe that this is being pushed to start (or inflame) a race war.

I *DO* know that most people (of any color/race/ethnicity) couldn’t protest if they wanted to….because they are working for a living. Only the unemployed, the welfare takers, and those who don’t have to work for a living have the time to protest, and have noting to lose if they are arrested, so they are gonna be there. Decent, hardworking people likely won’t be.