Yeah, yeah, I know

That I have been harping on this Ebola stuff way too much.

But really, is there no common sense in our government officials? Do the people who SHOULD know better not have the guts to stand up and say “NO!” when it comes to lying parroting the Politically Correct line of bullshit.

BTW: If you aren’t reading Racontuer Report then you should be…especially THIS post…why all the aid we send is essentially a waste. And why leaving our borders open won’t fix things over there. Sierra Leone is, essentially, a write off. Even the aid agencies are pulling out. And the Africans Can’t/Won’t /Aren’t smart enough to help themselves.

4 thoughts on “Yeah, yeah, I know

  1. I'm guilty of too many Ebola posts too. Did some thinking on this. It is not Obama Derangement Syndrome as I first thought. It is the fact that this is the first real problem that liberal spin and deception cannot address. Ebola owns the narrative this time. It shows Obama and his ilk for what they are (to those who may have looked the other way in previous events): political posers and nothing else.

    On the bright(?) side, this is reaching a crescendo right before an election. Sucks to be a lib these days…

  2. I like you yapping about it, the more the merrier. I dont want ebola.

  3. No. The answer is no. There really is no common sense or any other sense but nonsense for that matter in the white house. I read today that they want to import the infected African people to treat them here. Again, no, there is absolutely no sense whatsoever in the white house.

  4. NO common sense anymore… And agreed, that IS a good report!

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