And yet, oddly enough:

Troops serving in West Africa, no matter what their job, no matter who they are in contact with….


Are quarantined

So the military is convinced that quarantine works. (because it does)

But not for civilians, apparently…at least according to Barry. (We must remember to add medical disease expert to his incredibly impressive resume….)

One thought on “And yet, oddly enough:

  1. NPR ran a story on this, and said the General who made the decision on the quarentine did so without consulting with the White House. Since when does a General have to consult with the White House on operational matters concerned with the health and welfare of his troops. NPR said the decision would soon be overturned "after an investigation." Mealy mouthed little bastards. I only listen to them because out in the part of the mountains, it's the only station I can get.

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