So I’m at the bank

And all the tellers are wearing pink (very pink) scarves.

So I asked…”what is up with the pink scarves?”

“Breast cancer awareness” was the reply. “We are all doing our part”.

“Oh”  I replied “me too”

“What are YOU doing for Breast cancer”?

“I’m offering free exams”. I replied holding up both hands.

Dude behind me passed an entire Starbucks Vente latte through his left nostril. 

3 thoughts on “So I’m at the bank

  1. Good plan but by todays PC rules you cannot pick and choose which ones you examine.

    So I think I will pass making public offering to help. 🙂

  2. One could do like Brigid and opt for the "Cornfield mammogram" or as I calls it, the "Slam-o-gram"

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