Awesome customer service:

So a year or so ago, our Sears garage door opener died (after literally 40 years of service)….Since this is our primary means of entry and egress from the house (we seldom use the front door) we had to purchase a new one, and after a bit of research, we chose a Chamberlain opener that Home Depot had on sale. Battery backup (not that big of a deal, but hey, the price was right) and the ability to check on the status of the door and open or close it over the internet, using a smartfone (a bigger deal, as I tend to forget whether I closed the door or not and often turned around on the way to work to make sure).

We liked the feature, and used it often….then MC got a new phone and I found out that I had, foolishly, forgotten to write down the logon and password….and for some strange reason, the Chamberlain system failed to recognize my email in order to reset the password.

One call to the help desk was all it took. The woman there, using the caller ID feature, was able to identify me, and send me a new password via email….AND INSISTED THAT SHE STAY ON THE LINE WHILE I ENTERD IT and made sure that the new password worked…. Then called me today to make sure that I had had no issues entering the new password into MC’s new phone and that everything was working.

This is a lot better than I expected. I really expected to get “Peggy” from Indonesia with an accent that was hard to understand or Achmed from Pakistan or something…but I got a real American sounding person who was pleasant and easily understood….. Who followed up to make sure that I was happy and satisfied.

Now, I expect that this door opener will last a few years, but I also know that when I buy another one, I will certainly look at Chamberlain first.

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  1. That is really great to know. It is good to hear there still exists some customer service, as it is rarely seen anymore. My door opener is getting a bit long in the tooth. I will definitely keep this in mind.

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