Does anyone know what has happened to the folks living with Mr Duncan in the aprtment where he fell ill?

No one has said what happened to them….

Are they healthy? Or do they have Ebola?

‘Twould seem to me that if this disease is so virulent that a nurse could catch it despite protective gear (“Ebola is hard to catch”, remember?) that the folks who were in close contact with him when he was in frank symptoms must have been exposed….especially after living in that same apartment for a few days after he was admitted to the hospital…And we haven’t seen hide nor hair of them since they were whicked away and placed into isolation….

Anyone know?

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  1. I've been assuming they are part of the 75-100 that are being checked daily.

    You make a good point about the nurse vs. the people sharing Duncan's apt. If they didn't get it, and the other hospital workers don't get it, then maybe it doesn't spread as easily as I/we worried.

    There are conditions in Africa that we don't duplicate even in our slums. That may be the only place this disease can exist as a threat.

    Fingers crossed here.

  2. If what the"CDC" chants about 21 days, and the way you contract the disease, well then All of the occupants are showing symptoms. It is in the governments best interest not to release any info on this group because he
    ( Duncan) came into this country infected . I agree with above comment, conditions are very much different in this country. But in another 2 years well, It's not hard to imagine our situation being similar. After all look how much damage has been done in the last 6 years.

  3. Oh they're out there still. Word on Fox is that they're planning a lawsuit on the hospital where Duncan died.

  4. They are 'supposedly' in lockdown quarantine after they went shopping…

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