Nuttin’ to see here folks….move along.

About 25 people had somewhat close contact with the Dude in Dallas who brought Ebola here. One person is in “close monitor” as are the three paramedics who transported Patient Zero. 

So. Far.

Apparently he had some kind of contact with about 20 others, including 5 or so school age kids.

Plus, of course, the folks on the airplane and in the airport.

Nuttin’ to see here folks….move along. Nothing to worry about.

If you are of a mind to prepare, buy safety glasses, alcohol and bleach and gloves. Trash bags too, so you can improvise protective gear for caregivers.



plus, of course, food and water and such. And your adult beverage of choice….

Doubt if it spreads too far, but since no one is monitoring the people who enter this country (legally or not….) then it can happen again.

And the Doctors in Dallas apparently weren’t too bright……Dude informed the emergency room folks on his FIRST visit that he HAD BEEN TO LIBERIA and was “sent home with antibiotics”…

Scary, isn’t it? Medical professionals dropped the ball that badly: On September 26, he sought treatment at the hospital after
becoming ill but was sent home with a prescription for antibiotics. Two
days later, he was admitted with more critical symptoms, after requiring
an ambulance ride to the hospital.”

And the ambulance “has been disinfected ” and is back in service. Howdja like to find out you’d been transported in that carriage?

We shall see how things progress. On the one hand, they claim that if you aren’t showing symptoms, you aren’t infectious…on the other had, everyone who was in contact with Patient Zero is supposed to stay home and out of contact with others for 21 days….Hmmm….why, if they aren’t infectious until symptomatic?

“There is nothing to fear about Ebola in the United States”.