How many?

How many people were exposed to him on his route from LIBERIA TO TEXAS?

A patient in a Dallas hospital has been confirmed to have the deadly Ebola virus

How many on the planes, how many on the public transportation he may ahve used…How many did he pass in the street…..Waiting outside of the emergency room?

Now apparently Ebola isn’t that easy to get. Maybe. But it is not something to ignore. A man came into the United States with it. From literally the other side of the world. Carried a deadly disease. Nothing stopped him from re-entering the country.

Think about the implications there. He flew from a country where the disease is rampant and yet there were no barriers to his entry into this country.


Got facemasks and gloves? Hand sanitizer?

If not, get ’em soon before the rush. 

‘Cause if there is a second case found, there won’t be any available.

2 thoughts on “How many?

  1. Yep, this is very not-good.

    Why we hadn't quarantined the area and imposed travel restrictions from the outbreak area to here before this occurred is quite the question.

  2. There is a second under observation… In Dallas, connected to the first one!

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