Info bleg:

So Sitemeter (again) has issues. For the past week I haven’t been able to see my stats.

Nor has the help desk been responsive. Have emailed them several times….but no reply. Have filled out their contact form as well….still no joy.

If the site loads and doesn’t time out, I get a “this report is unavailable” message or I get a “Jgraph error” message.

Now the “this report is unavailable message isn’t new, but the timeout issue is, I could always look at the 7 day graph to see my current stats, but now I get the table error as well.

I realize that this is a “free” service, but still….

Any suggestions for an alternative? Suggestions as to what I should stay away from?

One thought on “Info bleg:

  1. Try Google Analytics. They offer way too much information for users like you and I, but we can 'skim' what we need and ignore the deeper stuff used by businesses. Also, check out Google Feedburner for stats on your blog's RSS feeds. Together they'll give you a better picture than Sitemeter.

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