They caught Eric Frien.

He is accused of shooting 2 Pennsylvania State Troopers (killing one).

If he is guilty, then I hope he hangs. Or rides the lightning…or gets the needle. Whatever the folks in Pennsylvania use.

But I haveta ask this question:

Had he shot two “regular” people, what would have happened? What if the victims had been you and I?  Would there have been a 3 week, Multi-Million dollar manhunt?

Would they have used FLIR equipped Balloons and aircraft?
Thousands of policemen? Dogs? Spent hundreds of man hours searching?
Abrogated the constitutional rights of thousands of citizens? 

Would they have bothered for a non-police officer?

I doubt it.

2 thoughts on “Captured

  1. A really small blip in the local paper and a file in the police drawer. That, unfortunately, is about all one of us taxpayers would rate. We did however, foot the bill for this one though. Good they caught him, but it would be nice if more effort were given to the average person.

  2. Off topic slightly but did you note the huge media fuss when a mother of 4 was shot in a road rage incident in oakland and all the "new gun laws" fuss, then the sound of crickets when the young man that shot her was found to be underage with a firearm he was not legally allowed to possess, based on his age.

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