The price of an unmoderated internet


You can find an example of why Tam got spooked HERE on Roberta’s blog.

Dude has been asked to stay away and not comment….

Does it anyway.

Won’t go away. Won’t stop.

Denies being a stalker, but exhibits the exact behavior defining a stalker.

Not happy with what he has done to Tam, he hasta go onto her roommate’s blog to make a statement since Tam’s blog is shut down. Thinks he has a right to be heard.

What an ass. In an older time, he’d be beaten or run out of town on a rail.

Now he can’t be, lest the person doing it be jailed.

(Notice that while he talks big, he won’t tell anyone his place of business, his address, and note also that he posts anonymously. Telling that innit?)

ETA: apparently Tam is not the first person he has stalked over the internet(see comment #1) and driven off.

2 thoughts on “The price of an unmoderated internet

  1. I recall hearing about similar behavior regarding Pawnbroker and Breda a few years back. This looks like a pattern of bad behavior from this guy, and hopefully law enforcement can find some consequences for that.

  2. That is a shame. I was wondering what happened to her site. I visit quite regularly. Why trolls have to harass people is beyond my reasoning. Hope she is able to get her site back going again.

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