So apparently Tam has closed her blog to the public. 

Rumor has it that it was due to an extremely bad commenter. There are people saying that there were some kind of threat made, but as I cannot see the blog I cannot comment beyond that.

In a perfect world, we’d know who (and where) this asshole was and find him and beat him up until he saw the error of his (or her) ways.

This ain’t a perfect world, sadly.

I hope Tam comes back, and that she remembers that many of us consider he a friend. She is a fine lady, and a great person. It would be a shame if the asshole wins and drives her from the web.

Now it is possible she has closed her blog so that some sort of investigation can take place and she will return shortly. I hope that is the case.

Dear lady: you will be missed…not just for your Snark, but for your insightful commentary.

Please, come back.

8 thoughts on “Bummer

  1. Her blog isn't just private now, it's shut down. She has a stalker of sorts, signs the text of his comments "jtc", although the nick he signs in with varies. Not sure what the last straw was yesterday, but this twerp seemed partial to patting her on the head and ever-so-kindly telling her she was wrong, on pretty much any topic. You can imagine how that would go over with Tam.

  2. I know what the landing page says, now visit Tam's Facebook page and read it from her own keyboard.

  3. Yep, Tam is good people, her blog is a valuable resource, and the stalker needs to be dealt with severely.

    Darn shame neither she nor he reside in Michigan, otherwise I'd offer to play "Whack-a-stalker – Courtroom Edition" on a pro bono basis.

    Unfortunately, I'm not licensed as a shark in Indiana, and hopefully a local shark will step up.

  4. Good people is right… Asshats like this one ARE the bane of good bloggers…

  5. So, Temnota, what was that about "shut down" again?

    As of this morning, it is back up.

    Toldya. Just a hiatus. Maybe forever, but right now, a hiatus.

    Some people's kids think they know it all.

    I know Tam. Personally.

    • I'm so happy for you. At the time I posted my comment, the blog was down, with the Author's intent to keep it that way. Now it's back up as an archive reference, but as just static pages, comments disabled and not being actively maintained.

      You seem to have a thing about needing to be right. That's OK, it's your blog. I get paid to put up with that attitude, though, I don't do it for free. Happy trails.

  6. "You seem to have a thing about needing to be right."

    I'm not the one that commented on someone else's blog that they were wrong….

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