They call it gouging…

I call it capitalism. Basic economics drive the price.

Some people in Toledo were prepared. Others had to pay a higher price for bottled water because demand went up and they couldn’t use the municipal water for drinking. The demand for bottled water went up…the supp;y stayed the same. ergo the price increased. This is a basic supply/demand/price equation I learned in Econ 101.

Some merchants drove many miles to find a supply of water….who pays for their time and fuel they invested to meet a need?

If they had paid for the water and couldn’t sell it, who would reimburse them for their investment (and loss?).

If these people had bothered to have a weeks worth of water on hand, they’d not have had to pay a higher price for their water.

Much like people bemoaning the increase in price for plywood before a hurricane (and the increase in price for gasoline after) demand increases the price….as it should.

2 thoughts on “They call it gouging…

  1. This is why I have two months worth of bottled water put up. But like a good capitalist, I might be willing to trade some of that to the right desperate hot chick for services rendered, come the day.

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