Shit just got real:

Not here in the US (yet), But EBOLA IS AIRBORNE.

Now, this isn’t a big deal, as long as you have the appropriate precautions….have you a supply of facemasks and a supply of hand sanitzer and other methods of sterilizing your skin after you interact with other people? (I am prepped for this, you should be too, if not for ebola, then for influenza). I’d order a supply of facemasks before the rush.  Seriously. if there is an outbreak then these masks will very quickly become unavailable…. have some on hand.enough for 30 days worth.

Gloves aren’t a bad idea either.  (and if nothing else, you can play “Bad TSA Agent” with your significant other….)

If there is no outbreak this year, it isn’t like these spoil in storage.

2 thoughts on “Shit just got real:

  1. You got the right mask! Too many people think that surgical masks will protect them. Surgical masks are designed to protect the patient from us, N95 masks are designed to protect us from the patient.

    Even though fit testing is recommended for N95 masks, fortunately most people can use the regular sized ones, not the harder to find small sized ones.

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