Can you make it?

If ebola were to come here to the US, it could be bad…very bad. Probably won’t happen, so you can refuse to be be bothered by the thought and choose not to prepare for it. I sincerely hope you are right…..

If it does come however (and lets face it, there isn’t much except the disease itself to prevent it),  an ounce of preparation will be worth……Your best solution for survival is to not interact with others, but rather to hole up and wait until the epidemic burns itself out.

Likely, you’d have to deal with things on your own for about 90 days. Time to let the virus run through it’s victims and allow for 3-4 cycles before it burns itself out. Maybe as long as 180 days…

Can you stay in your home for 90-120+ days? (21 day + incubation 3-5 cycles). Have you 120+ days worth of food for each member of your household?? Can you supply water for your entire household if the tap dries up? If on a well, and the electricity stops, then what are ya gonna do? Got a generator? One that can run the well? Have you enough fuel stored that you can keep your drinking, washing, bathing  and sanitary needs supplied for 90+ days? If you have a whole house emergency genset, will it work? Will the gas for it be there when you need it? If on propane, do you have enough? 

How about fuel to cook that food you (hopefully) have stored? (that generator is gonna use up you cooking fuel if yer on propane, so ration accordingly).

Fuel to heat your house? (what if the electric and the gas stop because no one is making sure it is up because they are sick?) Then what?  What about wintertime? Can you keep from freezing to death if the gas or the electricity stops and no one restores it and it is -20F outside with 70 MPH winds?….(happened here last winter, BTW, for 4 days..the storm, not the power outage)

Think about it. 

I have things covered at my house, but don’t come over unless you are invited. Trust me, you’ll know if you are. If not it’d be best of you stayed away.

3 thoughts on “Can you make it?

  1. I sat up a full night thinking about this scenario. Yes, the probability is quite high compared to EMP and other global-disaster/collapse scenarios.

    For example, there will be zero time to hit the stores for last minute supplies. No clerk is going to stick around if a deadly disease is on the loose. And I doubt the cops will be around either.

    On the plus side, cars will run and the power and water should stay on for a while.

    Just the rumor of Ebola in the water supply, however, would create a panic of biblical proportions. Not for you or me, but for just about everyone else.

    I'd add the N95 masks to your list. There will be some interaction with neighbors and a good mask, combined with yelling across the street, will be a good precaution. About $20 for a box of masks on Amazon.

    yes, bug-in is best.

    no, I did not receive your invite. 🙁

  2. I suggested both masks and gloves in an earlier post.

    Somehow, I doubt you'll need to come over to my house. I'd bet you have things covered.

    My only real concern is do we have enough beer…..

    THe chances of a real (Ebola)epidemic are, at least at this time, slim….so far.

  3. I fear rumors and panic over an Ebola infection here in the states.

    I do expect it to show up since we have an open border now, but expect that it will be contained quickly.

    Odd that we cancel flights into Israel because a cheap fire-and-forget rocket came near the airport, but we still allow flights into and out of Africa. Obama must be wicked-smart, because I can't figure this one out.

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