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So I go to the range Saturday, expecting that what with the holiday weekend it won’t be too busy….I had been suggesting to the range management that they assign someone during a work day to seal the posts holding up the roof in the sunshade on the outdoor range (no maintenance for something like 25 years, so it is needful). Since the last two work parties had been cancelled or were sparsely attended, I went on Saturday, purchased 5 gallons of Thompson’s water seal (hate the new formula, BTW) and took a few hours to do it myself…at least the uprights, which were very much in need of some love.

I’m about halfway done, spraying the posts with a sprayer and then working the sealer into the surface with a brush, when another member shows up. He isn’t planning to shoot on the range that I am working on, but feels that he has both the right and the time to give me advice.

Now, I am trying to be polite, but I am getting pissed off. For one, I don’t like people who don’t work at maintaining the range, period. I feel that if you are a member, you can find a few hours a year to do basic maintenance, much less help with improvements. Secondly, I don’t like people who stand there and watch a person work while criticizing their methods. If you want to help, feel free to show me how, but don’t tell me about it while I am working and you aren’t.

So, I sorta am tuning this asshole out while spraying and brushing, and finally I tell him that I have a spare brush if he wants to help. (the other option, which I would have preferred, is shooting him in the kneecap or foot with my carry gun, but even in a somewhat progressive, free thinking state like Indiana,  judges frown upon such behavior)

He doesn’t take the hint:

So I stop working, raise my hand (to interrupt the flow of unwelcome advice) and when he winds down, I say:

“You must be a liberal….I bet you voted for Barry”.

His eyes widen, and he begins to splutter denials.

“Then stop acting like a liberal. You show up here, uninvited, you give unwelcome advice, showing that you have never done the job, but merely read about it, you criticize those people who are actually doing something productive when you aren’t willing to get your own hands dirty., And you won’t stop interfering with the job.
Either start helping or shut the hell up and go away”

He actually decides to shut up and leave. Which is fine by me.

Still got work to do on the sealing, but hey, it is a start. 

Today, I am off to another, longer range, to sight in a new precision upper/scope combination for my AR.  Should be a 1 MOA or better combo…we will see.

5 thoughts on “Untitled Post

  1. I would liked to have seen his reaction. You handled that in a most excellent manner.

  2. Where is Mr PolitenessMan and his steel handkerchief when he's needed?


  3. I wish I had your patience. I go right for the nuclear option, right away.

  4. (I hate the new Thompsons as well. I have used the Behr, which is better, but spendy)

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