Not just the 4th of July folks, but a day to celebrate the beginning of our nation. Independence day!

This is the birthday of our country…It has many problems, indeed, I have whined about most of them at one time or another.

Having said that, today is the day we celebrate (rightly or wrongly) the birthday of our nation. One that, while terribly imperfect, is still the best on this planet.

So while you are having your hot dogs and hamburgers and watching those pretty lights on the sky this evening, be thankful that you live in this country….be proud of what our forefathers  did to create the set of rules that made this country great. Thank whatever Deity you choose to that you live here rather than another country, under another set of rules.If you are an immigrant, be thankful that you got here, if a natural born citizen, be thankful for that.

Remember WHY we celebrate today…. It isn’t just another day off.

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