How many have been fired?

Seems that the Police in Durham NC have found an easy way to come up with a pretext to search a home even when there is no legal justification for said search…..

Now, if the police can lie and get away with it in a case like this, (enough that the Chief of Police has issued a memo saying that it should stop immediately) then can we ever use their testimony in court? Any policeman? I mean, really, since there is no negative consequences to them, and they are, apparently not willing to clean their own house, I would take any testimony that any Durham policeman gave as a lie…..

One thought on “How many have been fired?

  1. Not seeing a problem here. The blogger who posted the story confuses the issue in that the police aren't entering homes for the purpose of a warrantless search for evidence but only to make contact with and seize people that they already have a valid arrest warrant for. Lying to criminals is allowed in many instances.

    Now lying in court or in official sworn testimony is wrong, but that's not being done here. This is no different than a prostitution sting where a suspect asks the fake hooker/undercover cop if she's the police and she says that she's not. Far as I can tell, no law is being broken and the Chief is just bowing to political pressure on behalf of the Ususal Suspects and their supporters.

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