You probably heard

That the FDA was gonna ban the aging of cheese on wooden boards (which help with the flavor of the cheese, unlike plastic) despite the fact that cheese has been aged using this method for hundreds of years (the method, not the cheese). After a great deal of crying, likely from influential people who buy and consume artinsanal cheeses, they have backed down...for now

Thing is, aged cheese is not something that makes the FDA happy. Like raw milk, they can see many ways that this could possibly, under JUST the right conditions cause you some small bit of harm….maybe.

Is it really their mandate to make all food perfectly healthy for you to eat all of the time…..and are they really just trying to make all our food bland and tasteless?

Cheese contains a fair amount of bacteria, if it is made and aged the “old world” way. Much like southeren Barbecue, if you are doing it right, you are probably violating some health law. THat doesn’t make it dangerous.

But how many people die(d) from eating cheese that was aged on a wooden shelf? Seriously.