Feel safe flying?

I am sure that you believe that the person controlling your plane’s path, making sure you don’t fly into other airplanes or rock filled clouds is the best person we can hire for the job….Right?

How about if you knew that the FAA was giving preferential treatment to minorities and women, even to the exclusion of the most highly qualified candidates in order to meet gender and racial profiles/quotas?

It is true. ..They are, in the interest of Diversity, excluding the most qualified candidates if they are white, and lowering the standards for women, blacks and Hispanics.

One would almost think that the standards were a joke. Seems that having a college degree is a “barrier” to black folks. And to Women. But not to white men. All to promote diversity.

Makes me feel safe to fly…

Diversity. And racism. Blatant racism.

2 thoughts on “Feel safe flying?

  1. It surprises me not at all. It's all about diversity, not qualification. I'd whinge about being bypassed for a promotion for which I was completely qualified, but since I'm retired it matters not at all.

    Affirmative Action is going to destroy this country. Well, if porous borders, a paupered military, or inept foreign policy don't kill it first.

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